Will my small penis effect my relationship?

I get questions like this all of the time and I figured that since it was such a common subject I'd post the answer here on SFCB. Hopefully it will help at least one person out there. The truth is that honesty and good character go a long way. So what if your latest relationship didn't work out. You learn from it and try again. That is what we all do. You're not alone in that regard. Some people don't know what kind of person they are looking for in the first place. So, if you date just anyone that comes along or shows interest you might have to go through quite a few relationships.

Here's the Q&A

Dear Satine,

I know you've been in a lot of porn and I know a lot of it is acting. Im really tired of being alone. and so my question is, in your experience do you think I am doomed to be alone forever, or to be forever cheated on because I have a small penis? Thanks.

~Mr. A

Dear Mr. A

I don't know if you'll be alone forever. I don't know you.

I don't know what your every day attitude is like. If you find your small penis a weakness so will women. If you find the glory of sex toys in place of your penis for your partners enjoyment you'll find you'll have a better relationship. Magic Wand. It goes a long way. 

Women are just people. They aren't better than you. They aren't less than you. Treat your women with lots of love and respect and she won't cheat on you. But that's only 50% of the issue. If you find a woman who is prone to cheating then there's nothing you can do. Just go through women until you find the right one like the rest of us.

Good luck. If you have any more questions try a sex therapist or relationship therapist. I found a great book called "relationship rescue" by Dr Phil. Its really good actually. Shows you how you normally approach relationships and gives you the tools to communicate your needs to your partner and understand your partners needs. 

Most women (those not residing in LA) like gentlemen. You know. The old fashioned type of guy who opens doors for them. 

As someone who isn't actually a professional in the area of relationships that's all the info I can give you from personal experience.

But as I said before, If you find your small penis a weakness, so will your partner. If you don't find it a weakness, she won't. If you dwell on it, it will get annoying.

Hope that helps
Satine Phoenix