Cap's Movie Costume Described was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at what Chris Evans will wear in the much anticipated Captain America: The First Avenger. The description is of Cap's second "battle ready" costume, which resembles the above image. The first costume he will wear in the USO will more replicate the traditional comic outfit. 

The first thing I noticed is that the trademark wings that flank the side of Cap's hood are gone. In fact the "hood" is gone entirely. In its place is a more traditional M1 Army helmet though this helmet does come over the eyes to give Cap a traditional "domino mask" look. Still present is the white "A" in the middle of the hat (nothing fancy, this is the traditional font), though like the rest of the costume, the blue of the helmet is much more muted than the blue in the comic costume. A thick black strap comes down over the ears and connects under the chin. 

On his chest still lies the white star though it's not as prominent as the comic version. The costume is still split horizontally through the middle with blue on top and red and white stripes on the bottom. But instead of stripes, it's actually just a white base with two red utility straps acting as stripes. These straps affix to a metal loop at the midpoint of the chest and a black strap extends up to the shoulders from that point. 

His shoulders have pads over them that extend down to about mid-bicep and are attached via a brown strap under the arm. The sleeves (for lack of a better word) are white with a fairly standard brown glove. 

The fabric of the costume doesn't look like the scaled material of SPIDER-MAN but more of a leather fabric, like something you'd see on one of the X-MEN. Cap wears an old school utility belt, the likes of which we haven't seen much in modern superhero movies. 

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I figured this was the route Joe Johnston and Marvel would take for the cinematic version of Steve Rogers. I'm assuming you will see the more modern iconic costume in the Avengers.  

I'm curios if the shield described will be functional (bullet proof and aerodynamic for throwing) or if it will just act as a flag or beacon for his troops to follow on the battlefield.