Comic Review: Usagi Yojimbo #128

If you don't know much about Usagi the samurai rabbit I'll try to give you a brief history. His creator Stan Sakai has been writing and illustrating Usagi since 1987. The stories follow this wandering bunny as he makes his way around Japan during his warrior pilgrimage selling his services as a bodyguard. Each book is usually a self contained short story, but sometimes has an underlying plot that stretches over more issues. Like me, you might also remember Usagi making an appearance in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, cartoon, and toy line.

There's not much to the story here, but the book does seem to be geared towards a younger audience. In issue #128, Usagi makes a stop during his travels at a little cottage to escape the rain. Here he befriends a little boy named Taro. At dinner time Usagi gives Taro some sweets that he bought along the way, not that Taro needs them, he is quit the hyper little bear. Like any kid Taro scarfs them down only leaving a small piece for everyone else. All the candy gives little Taro a nightmare where surprisingly his parents get eaten alive by a demon. Nothing graphic, just swallowed them whole. Basically the moral of this story is to show kids not to eat to much candy. It does have the introduction of some shady looking animal sat the end of the story which sets up the next issue.

Sakai's illustrations remind me of something out of Highlights magazine that I remember reading at the doctors office when I was a kid.  It's definitely fun,  but leaves anyone over the age of 10 craving more.

If you have a young one looking to get into comics and want to stay away from the majority of the super hero books Usagi is the perfect book and it has the history and awards to proove it.