WOW... What a weekend!!!

I started babysitting my friends son. He's so much fun! I draw while he plays video games all day. RAD! I just got him into Fable 2. I can't wait to watch him play Fable 3. ... I can't wait to play it but I'm so busy lately I only have time to sneak a peak out of the corner of my eye while he's playing.

Friday I went to Tristan Taormino's birthday shin dig, and what a delightful shindig it was. It was so great running into my porn friends. This was a classy group of genuinely fantastic people. I was surprised to hear what Sinnamon Love has been up to. She has been traveling with this sex positive performance group who do monologues and poetry and she ends the show by showing people how easy it is to do instant hiv tests. Sinnamon gets a volunteer from the audience and she shows how a conversation might go between two people and how easy it is to do a test right there on the spot. I wish there were more sex positive educators out there teaching kids in high schools more than just abstinence. Its 2010, people are having sex and young ages. You can't change it, so you might as well inform them.

Saturday the three of us went to the Natural History Museum because of the BUG Fair. It was really cool and Joe and I almost got a Scorpion and that strange bug that's on Harry Potter, but they ran out of the really cool habitats.

After that I went to DomConLA and spoke on a panel with Michael Manning, Charlotte Vale and her man who works for I feel like an ass for forgetting his name, but he was super helpful with answering questions. I hate to think I was a downer but One of the questions was "what advice would you give someone wanting to get into the Bondage Porn Industry" and no one talked about STDs. So... I did. And the audience was riveted, sat on the edge of their seats. People don't think about stuff like that. I personally want to have kids in the future and yea, you can take a pill to get rid of Chlamydia but the long term effects on the reproductive system aren't worth it. I remember it BEING worth it when I started. I respect myself more/differently now and it has become not worth it to me personally. That is NOT to say I look down on others that do it because I don't. It is just a reality that each person has to make their own choice about entering the business and everyone has their own reasons for staying or leaving. 

BUT... It was really great to see everyone esp since I'm mostly Vanilla now. I miss my friends just the same. And I still love the fashion, oh lord I love the fashion.


I went to My friend Scott Gross' Birthday Party. Turns out he lives 5 minutes away from me. We had so much fun with his FAMOUS Sangria and Karaoke Machine. He had some really cool friends there and I have to say that I've not been to a private party in a long time other than Tristan's. It was REALLY fun!!! I wish I could have stayed longer but Joe and I had to hit his friend Tripp's Bday in Venice before the bar closed. It feels good to hang out with like minded people. I made a ton of new friends and am a happy kitty!

Scott Drew the cover for a new Comedy Magazine called the QUARTERLY DEVASTATOR. There's also art in the magazine by him. You can read more about him and the Quarterly Devastator on

Hung the Fuck over... we went to dog Agility Class for Ash's last day of Agility 1. He's come so far and I was only half awake for most of it. Luckily my glasses are really dark and I loaded up on advil. He did great even though his girlfriend MIMI distracted him a few times.

THENNNN..... we went to Galpin and bought the cutest most silliest car on the lot. I went in search of a Prius, ended up leaving with a PASSION BLUE SMART CAR! Its a convertible. Fully loaded with butt warmers and leather interior. A dog nook in the back. I'm pretty happy with it! After reading the manual I learned so much! Its the equivalent of my iphone. I mean, I don't like excess things but I do like accessories. For example, I hate carrying a purse, so I bought a Holster with 2 pockets. Its fashionable and useful without being excessive. This car will allow me to park in ANY parking spot (minus a motorcycle parking spot). It goes up to 100, but you shouldn't drive it faster than 85. Which it gets to easy. I'm so fraking happy. And its blue and I've ordered a license plate that even though it has another letter in it to fill in, it has the word TARDIS in it. Because it IS SO A TARDIS I mean just look at her:

I went into Meltdown Comics and they didn't have anything DR. WHO. Turns out to be something involved with the new licensing because of bbc America. I guess the DR who conventions and comic conventions are the only place to pick them up. ... that and the internet, but I often like to see things before I buy them and what I want to buy is something DR who to dangle from the rear view mirror of my car.