Comic Review: Electric Ant #1


What if you woke up one day to find out the world you live in is real, but you are not. Instead of living in the Matrix, you are the Matrix. You are a drone, a worker, an electric ant.  David Mack and Marvel ask you this very question in their new limited series "Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant".

Adapted from Dick's 1969 short story of the same name, we follow our protagonist, Garson Poole, as he awakes, after 4 days,  from a serious car accident in the cities hospital. Here he is quickly given the news from the doctor, he is not human. His life as owner of the private company, Tri-Plan Electronics, has been programed in his CPU.  He is an "Electricant" an old version of the modern "Replicants", an organic robot, he is confused and lost. 

Poole starts to question his normal day to days thoughts and actions.  Why does he do what he does? Was it programed in him? How much is he in control? Why does he exists? How did he not know what he was?

Garson soon finds out he has an owner, one he is unauthorized to know, along with an unconscious programing, also unknown. His life went from ordinary to mystery in the span of a day and I'm totally along for the ride. 

To start, I never read Philip K Dick's original short story. I am more of a visual person, hence my day job and love of comics. So I liked the fact of going into this story totally blind. I have to  also admit, I am a big super hero fanboy. I don't read much that doesn't have someone punching someone else through a wall or swinging from webs through a city. But that ends here. I was totally engrossed in this story, feeling the agony Garson is going through with his new found knowledge.  It was very well paced, letting his confusion really set in enough that it started to make me think myself. Hell,  I caught myself once or twice, while reading, looking at my arm for any seems in it. Pascal Alixe and Christopher Sotomayor's art is mute and gritty, not calling to much attention to itself and works perfectly for this sci-fi genre. I will definitely be reading this 5 part series and I recommend it to sci-fi lovers and others, especially if you never read the original. I just wish i could have gotten my hands on David Mack's variant cover, Damn you, you comicbook lovers who get off work at 5pm. 

Good 'ol Joe