Joe's thought on AVN 2010

So we are back from AVN and all i have to say is "ummm...... WOW" hahaha. So as all of you know or may not know, I didn't come from the whole world of fetish or porn. I didn't meet Satine through it nor have I know anyone that was openly into it. I'm new to all this. Satine has been slowly introducing me to all of it at home and out in the world. I'm not open to doing stuff in public but so far im having fun with it all in our personal life and i like to watch other people so i can learn things for our use at home.

Anyway back to AVN. We went to the expo one day and to be honest i wasn't really impressed. It was cool to see that world all in one place and watch the guys ( and girls) drool over the stars, but it was no way near worth $100 ( I could have spent that on some games im behind on or had more fun with it at a strip club with Satine.) Inside they had a giant bucking bronco penis which was hilarious to watch girls ride and the "real girl" dolls display was kinda of freaky. Regardless I'm glad i went just to say I was there at least once in my life. Plus it was cool to see fans drooling over my girl when i know she is all mine ;)

Then there was the Ultimate After Party. Satine sponsored it under our website so she was queen of the ball. She also dubbed it as her retirement party since she is officially out of the biz and moving on to new things. First let me say, I have obviously been wildly attracted to my girlfriend since we met, but WOW did she look stunning both nights of the parties. As much as all the wild and craziness was going on all around me i couldn't keep my eyes off her the entire night, simply freaking gorgeous!!! ok, back to the wild and craziness :) There was a ton of people there in one large suit that had a large living room type area and two big bedrooms with large bathrooms. The living room area was where the DJ was and a lot of people were hanging out to chat and dance. There was a cool suspension style bondage thingy that constantly had naked girls tied up and hanging from it and a stripper pole that was in constant use. The room to the right was mainly the S&M room with girls and some guys getting caned and flogged all night long. One guy had this device that basically when touched to the skin would give the person an electrical shock. He tried it on my arm, it basically felt like some one dug there nail into my arm and dragged it across my skin. It wasn't that bad but I'm not sure if i would like it in more sensitive areas. As the night got later the room ended up with girls riding guys while using the Magic Wand and girls going down on other. There was also a few trannys thrown into the mix here and there, not my thing, but whatever floats your boat.

The other bedroom was dubbed the Orgy room by Satine, it's obvious what was going on in here so i wont go into to much detail. this room had a little more sex vibe to it then the other room with the lights dimmed and candles everywhere. there was a sex swing type thing that was always in use and the bed was always full. Lots of moaning can be heard over the loud music and i could have sworn i heard a guy yell out in mid orgasm "what was your name again!?! " There was even some blood ritual thing or something happening in the shower that there was no way i was going to watch. The party when from 11pm to 8 am Friday and Saturday night, but it was getting overwhelming as it got later so we left both nights around 4am. I can imagine the things that were going on later those nights as the booze soaked into people.

So yeah, that was my experience during my AVN weekend. I didn't get as freaked out as i thought and Satine did a great job of making me feel comfortable the entire time. I'm glad i went to experience it all to say i have been to something like that. Probably will be awhile until i can go to something like that again. Hope everyone else had a good AVN weekend!!! Lets hear stories!!!