Ass kicking and the Dentist

Not in that order though and not at the same time.

I will admit. Like a lot of Americans I don't have Health insurance. Without Health or Dental Insurance I just don't go. So This morning Joe and I went. That's my excuse for not having posted a blog about last night early. I gotta tell you, That deep cleaning was the best I've ever had. She got so deep down she thought she might have had to have me back for a second round. Using my Masochistic pain threshold I handled it and she got it all. It sounded like she was excavating my FACE. YUCK! But I'm all clean now. Fresh as a bumble bee. (what?). If any of you reading this haven't had a deep cleaning any time in the last year let me be your reminder. Its totally worth the $100.00. Its a great diet plan because now I don't want to eat anything for fear of tainting my sparkly whites.

I want to also start out that I just rearranged this ENTIRE website and consolidated the RSS feeds into one feed that you can get to in the left column of the site above the "login" button. I would like to know people's input actually. I know that it just shows how little content we have but I've just signed on quite a few writers to fill in the blanks. Writers I hand picked who I know will write either thought provoking or hilarious content. (or both) Its a slow but sure change that we are going to implement by May 1st.

ANYWAY... last nights event was SOOO much fun. Sax invited Joe and I to be at the #SHUTUPKICKASS event. I brought my high heels and Annie Cruz as my weapons. Ahhh, I couldn't think of anything I kick ass at doing. I didn't think to draw something kick ass. DUH SATINE. I'mna Root for Annie because she kicked ass even while wardrobe malfunctioning. But I'm a big fan of Rhune Kincaid because his one minute song "Coppin' a feel" got a boob grab out of Annie.. upon my boob. You can see it here actually~> (Rhune coaxing a boob grab with a song video) 

So Basically there were judges who judged several contestants, actually they just made funny comments on them. The night was fun and full of laughs and I got to hang out with my friends (shout out to Erik from Canada who played the roll as camera man for the night) at a really cool Comic Book store I've never been to before. Meltdown Comics is pretty rad! Its huge and I picked up a sick brown sketch book. They have figurines, Artist supplies, TONS of books and clothes. I'm a big fan! They're located across the street from Toi Thai (LA Rocker Thai Restaurant where you dine to music like Skinny Puppy and Danzig) on Sunset between Fairfax and Labrea.

To see video and VOTE for the contestant you feel kicks the most ass click **HERE**

Check out the other sites that sponsored the event. For Comic guys by Comic guys!

What a GREAT turn out! Here are some pictures from the event: