Wondercon 2010

Its WONDERCON. Its like Comicon's love child that lives in San Francisco in the Moscone Center. This year its APRIL 2nd-4th. And we'll be there! Get your tickets. You can't beat the price. Seriously.. $30 for 3 days. Comeon.


here are a couple fun memories from Wondercon.

*I met one of my Best Friends: Chad Michael Ward there in 2004. I had him autograph a book for me. However we became best buddies in 2007 and it wasn't until he signed Dangerous Beauties 2009 for me (which i'm in) that I asked him to sign the Black Rust book and we realized we had met in 2004. "Um, I think I already signed this for you.. in 2004". 

*I saw Kevin Smith talk at a panel 2003? 2004? ...and he had Jason Mewes with him. Obviously I was giddy with the laughter he pulled out of the audience but I was also giddy from the HORDES of people there. We were all squished and I was by my lonesome and squishing through I looked at one of the random people also squishing by. I didn't realize who it was until after I Meow'd in their face. I got a "Meow" in response... then I realized it was Jason Mewes toting two young chicks in front and behind him. 

*Wondercon is where I got the grand idea to become a Porn Star....


So, GO. We'll see you there.