Upcoming Game: Dante's Inferno - by Joe

Dante's Inferno - release date 2/09/10 (xbox 360/PS3/PSP)

Dante's Inferno Video Game

Dante's Inferno, from studio Visceral Games, focuses on Dante, an Italian mercenary returning from the wars to find out his wife has been murdered. Her soul was taken down into the depths of hell where Dante has to fight through the circles to get back. The look of the game is pretty nice, with really creative creature design. It doesn't jump out as the best looking game to date, but its on the level of most next gen games.  The storytelling cut scenes are really beautiful, blending a combination of 2D animation and After Effects style animation, yet done in a way that looks different then the rest. Game play? Well, it reminded me of God of War. Actually, it was exactly like God of War. The fighting style and combinations mimicked Kratos, even the button layout seemed the exact same. You level up exactly the same as in GOW, by killing demons and collecting there souls to spend on upgrades to combos or weapons.  Now i'm not saying this is a bad thing. Well, maybe I am cause it did just make me want to play God of War 3 really bad, which I'm sure Visceral Games didn't intend to do. Regardless it was a fun experience and might hold me off till Kratos hits the scene a month later. What do you guys think? The Demo is now available on XBox Live and PlayStation Network.