Review- "Kabuki: The Alchemy" by David Mack

The truth is that I can't call this a review because you can't review a person's thoughts or ideas. This is more of a Thank You letter to David Mack for sharing pieces of himself... or rather helping me see pieces of myself and every other readers' self.

I'm talking about David Mack's "Kabuki: The Alchemy". This comic books is more than just a story to get lost in. It is more of a conversation I've had with people all over the world. A common philosophical and (personal /communal) evolution acceleration discussion that has weaved in and out of mine and many of my friends' lives as long as we've been able to form thoughts on how our realities should be. The Alchemy feels as if its not only an evolution in the character Kabuki but a Playful Thank You from David Mack to his readers. At the end of the book he has included letters from fans and colleagues about how his books have effected them. And within the book he has included stamps, envelopes and letters from his fans into the various collages in the book.  

One of the most catching things David's story does is blossom into something more than, perhaps, it was meant to be. More than thinking outside of the box. More than Mixed Media. More like mixing your perception and a thought tickler. Taking the reader deeper into the character, giving the reader ideas to jump start his or her own reinvention and holding the readers inner child's hand as its being guided into the simplicity of Kabuki's child mind to change the world in ways she never thought possible. The pen being mightier than the sword. 

Doors are opened, enlightenment comes in many forms, the characters find their own natural ebb and flow in their universe by finding themselves through the childlike eyes they once looked out of. Where one door closes, another opens.

Do I recommend "Kabuki: The Alchemy"?: Fuck YES!

What the Heck is the ACTUAL story about? click HERE for a really good review/rundown of what/who Kabuki is.

It's not like other comic books. It's just like a David Mack book: each one being its own beautiful entity. This one is my favorite, one I'll read more than a few times.

Dear David Mack, Thanks for tickling my creative feet. ~Fan Satine

Oh.. and the fan art i did after reading it this morning: