Not sure what to do on a Saturday night with your special someone?

Not sure what to do with your significant other on a Saturday night? Want to become more intimate with your partner or learn how to be intimate with your future partner? Want to figure out how to keep your sex life stimulated for years to come? I've one site for you:

I found out about Freddy and Eddy when I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and have been delightfully surprised at how their world has grown. They started the site in 2001 as a way for them to keep their sex life alive. It is a misconception that a couple's sex drive diminishes after marriage. You have to want to keep it going. And that's just what they have done. In the process they've helped hundreds of other like minded couples who live low key life styles keep the dream alive. 

One of the things I find most amazing about their site is that it promotes sexual activity without the pressures of bringing in other partners like most sex aware lifestyle sites seem to do. Rather than give you a way to meet other superficially horny people, seem to promote the connection between one another in the relationship. Who says the honeymoon has to be over after the first year of the relationship. Celebrate your union as often as you can. Let them know that you really meant it when you told your partner you wanted to be with them. 

Check out Read the How to's. Check out their Product Reviews & Essays And Especially click the LOVING SEX link to purchase some of the Instructional Video's starring yours truly by the Alexander Institute. Made by couples for couples.

Just to let you all know. The sex toy IS your friend. It IS a helping hand... Nothing can replace the warmth of your partners touch. So don't be afraid. Think of it like ice cream. Ice Cream is REALLY yummy but sometimes adding some chocolate fudge syrup is fun too.