Aaaah Siege, how you kicked my ass and wiped the floor with me, leaving me begging for more. Issue number 2 in Marvel's first big blockbuster storyline of the year picks up right where we left off in issue one. Norman Osborn has kicked off an offensive on Asgard because of fabricated events cooked up by Thor's half brother Lokki.  Osborn and his thugs somehow manged to get the upper hand on Thor, leaving him badly beaten and in dire need of help. Meanwhile, back at an Avengers hideout (cue 70's batman tv show transition sound effect) Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, aka I Just Got Back From the Dead and I'm Freaking Pissed,  has brought together a bunch of heroes made up of the New Avengers and Nick Fury's Secret Warriors to jump in to the battle and help Asgard. Back at the brawl, Aries, God of War, one of Osborn's Dark Avengers, realizes he has been duped into attacking his fellow Gods. In a fit of anger,  he jumps to attack the Iron Patriot, running into a certain "secret weapon" which forces him to make a "split decision" ;)  The issue ends with Norman thinking he is about to finish the fight, but instead is about to face some red, white, and blue to the face!!! 

Man what a great issue!! It has all the elements of a great action movie, that you can't turn away from. Bendis and Coipel have a hot one under there belts. I'm still a little cautious though,  as both Civil War and Secret Invasion both started off amazing, but ended up being very anti climatic. Hopefully the team at Marvel can keep this one engaging straight to the end. Oh and if you haven't already,  read the latest Dark Avengers before reading Siege #2,  it's not a necessity, but it definitely delves deeper into where this story line is going.  Hurry up issue 3!!!