This review is about a week late, but I just got around to catching up on my reading since the holidays. Anyway, Siege is the current big storyline going on in the Marvel universe right now, written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by the extraordinarily talented Olivier Coipel. The Siege story line is directly related to the events that started at the end of the Secret Invasion and story lines in Thor, Dark Avengers, and Invincible Iron Man. The book starts off with Loki, Thor's half brother, speaking with Norman Osborn about Asgard, the home of Thor and the gods. About a year ago in the reboot of the Thor comics, Asgard suddenly appeared, floating just feet over Broxton Oklahoma.  There, they befriended the locals and lived out there lives in peace. Through his power of deception, Loki convinces Norman Osborn that Asgard is a threat to the nation, with the help of a small misjudgment from one of Asgard's Warriors Three, Volstagg. Loki sends out some minions to lure Volstagg to a populated area. The resulting battle erupts into a huge explosion obliterating an entire football stadium of people. Osborn now has his reason to attack the gods, and the Siege on Asgard begins. 

Marvel has an odd way of starting off their big blockbuster story lines. It seems every one of them begins with a huge explosion in the first issue that kills a bunch of civilians which turns two sides against each other. Civil War started this way, Secret Invasion basically started that way and Siege starts this way. They all have their reasons to why this mass murder happens, but it seems like it's always the puny little humans  that have to take one for the team and start the big rumble. Not really complaining, just an observation. So far Siege seems to be ramping up into something that could be good. The first issue was a little underwhelming unlike its predecessor Secret Invasion, which started off with Skrull sleeper cells revealing themselves throughout the super heroes ranks causing all kinds of mayhem and destruction, BAD ASS!!! Siege #1 did however setup a cool storyline that pits a bunch of average supers (some more then average) against unstoppable gods with an underlying story of deceit and deception. Plus it ended with Thor going against Sentry with a certain "Patriot" watching it on TV getting ready to intervene and whoop some ass!!!! With the writing of Bendis and the powerful "punch you in the face" art of Coipel, I'm not worried one bit that this story arc will be one to remember.