Written By Warren Ellis. John Cassaday: artist. Laura DePuy: Colorist.

I was really surprised when reading Planetary. It is a great sci fi Story with Suped Up Characters (rather than SUPER HERO characters). In an alternate universe these conspiracies probably could happen. I really enjoy the pacing. Warren Ellis just throws you into the story and each issue feels complete. One reason I buy whole sets rather than weekly issues, but each one of these issues feels like I'm watching Sanctuary or Heroes (the TV shows). The pacing, the writing, the attitude of the characters. I find myself looking forward to the next issue and at the same time completely satisfied with the one I just read. 

Elijah Snow, the hundred year old man. Jakita Wagner, Suped Up Leader of the pack & The Drummer, a machine whisperer. These three work for a super secret agency called Planetary that's been around for... no one quite knows. No one knows who the $$ is behind such a secret and well funded operation. They travel the planet from contact to contact satisfying all of the worlds stories and Conspiracies. 

I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to or allowed to give away in a review so I'll stop here.

This book has the SFCB seal of approval

... so you should read it!