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Oh Kick-Ass... we knew you would be great AND have a great ending ... to BOOK 1! YEP. Of COURSE they left it open to having a sequel. Why stop with 8 issues when the Fans want MORE? 

Kick-Ass is just your average ordinary student who reads comic books. His home is slightly tainted but nothing over remarkable. One day he decides that HE wants to be a super hero. Long and gangly in his scuba suit he starts on an adventure that is one miss hap after another. He is surprised to run into HIT GIRL, BIG DADDY and RED MIST but is fast to see how this could all work out: Their own Alliance of Super Heroes! 

Lots of violence, lots of little girl cursing, LOTS of Kick-ASS getting his ASS KICKED... Gang violence, mafia bosses, double crossing... it's a pretty amazing set of books! Mark Millar has a way with bringing our fantasies into the real world with real consequences and John Romida Jr. just takes our breath away with his illustrations. Gritty and sweet.. like biting into a piece of WARHEAD CANDY.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH Mr. Millar and Mr. Romita Jr.