I'm surrounded DAILY by MARVEL when in fact, I'm a DC/Vertigo Girl. So this week when Joe went to pick up comics I asked him to surprise me. He picked up Joe the Barbarian for me. Its a Vertigo comic by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphey. It is exactly what I love about Vertigo comics. Dark, moody. The subtleness in the character development. The pacing is stunning. It makes me remember what being in High School was like. (actually it felt more like junior high to me) How big an ominous the world is around you. All you have is your imagination and your sketchbook to communicate your feelings. 

This is a Story about Joe who's imagination gets the better of him. I only have the first book but i'm really excited to see where this story goes. Filled with toys from the 80's, this comic is riddled thick with nostalgia. 

I'm crazy in love with this style of illustration. Such careful detail to the character and the environment. Every part of the illustration is filled with care and texture. There is so much depth in the darkness. The illustrations in this book are inspiring.