Avatar: the Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender - by Joe

Satine and I just finished watching Book 1 ( season 1) of Avatar. Yes we are late to the game but honestly I didn't think a cartoon for 7 year olds on Nickelodeon would appeal to us, no matter how nerdy we are. Wow was I wrong! 

 Our interest got peaked when we saw the Last Airbender trailer for the feature film coming out this summer. The Trailer had an amazing fantasy look to it and very epic feel. Since the movie doesn't come out for another 4 months we decided to check out the original animated series. The story is set in an Asian influenced world where the people are separated into 4 different nations based on the four elements Fire, water, earth, and air. Within each nation certain people have the ability to control their given element via magical powers, or bending. The Fire Benders, taking on the characteristic of uncontrollable fire, wants to destroy the other nations to become the leading world power, alla Nazi style. The only other two nations around are the Earth nation and Water nation, the Air nation was destroyed by the Fire benders one hundred years ago. Enter our main character Aang, the last Air bender. Aang is found frozen in ice in the south pole by Katara, a water bender, and her brother Sokka. Aang is the legendary Avatar, the only one who can control all 4 elements, and who will bring peace through out the lands. We follow these characters as they travel from nation to nation trying to find a master of each element to train Aang so he can fulfill his destiny. 

 We totally fell in love with this show and its characters. It's definitely one of those shows that you watch one episode and you need to pop the next one on right away. It touches on everything from falling in love to, death, honor and respect. It also has its funny parts that aren't your run of the mill "guy gets anvil dropped on head." The bottom line is you find yourself very into the characters, which is rare these days with kid's animated shows. They aren't perfect, they all have internal conflicts they are dealing with. Each episode has a moral, but it isn't forced on the viewer like other animated shows, it's very well written.  Also, the story is just epic!!  all the episodes fit together for one huge storyline. Anyway, we cant wait to pop in book two and then see the grand finale in book 3. I hope the live action movie brings all the feeling and excitement its animated parent has. 

animated series teaser trailer (fan made but it is still good):