10 Gift Ideas - By Joe

Confused about what to get your significant other for the holidays?  Here are 10 great gifts  that will get their inner geek salivating. In no particular order.

1. Iron Samurai LED watch -  The Iron Samurai bracelet style watch comes to you from Chinavision, for an odd cheap price of $15.89.  Apparently its made of  " Samurai sword carbonized steel folded 1000x over" and yes, it's so geeky , it actually raises your D&D levels by 20points each,  just read the product description!!!Iron Samurai LED watch
2. Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters - Ok, these things are fraking cool.  They can fly in six different directions and shoot infrared beams to dog fight it out with a friend.  When one helicopter gets hit 3 times with the infrared it goes into a uncontrollable tail spin. It even has battle sounds,  woohooo!!  The remote controls require 6 AA batteries, but the little Hogs have a rechargeable lithium battery that can be recharged on the included charging station. (price varies)
Spinmaster Air Hogs Battling Havoc R/C Helicopters

3. Playstation 3 - ok with out trying to starting some huge system war fanboy crap (we do own both a 360 and PS3), I have to say this holiday season is the time for the Playstation 3 to shine. I have had mine since day 1 and have easily used it everyday since. Its a must have for any videophile or gamer. I can easily go on for hours about why you should have a PS3 but here is a short burst of info.  120gb or 250gb hard drive, full 1080p, built in wireless and blue tooth, free online gaming, streaming netflix (with basic netflix account) wireless rechargeable controllers, blu ray player ( yes its better than DVD, even ask Satine), DVD up-scaling, online game and movie store, amazing game library and exclusives.  Basically like Sony says, " it just does everything"  for an amazing starting price of $299.  Yes , get one!!! 
 PlayStation 3
4. Games -  The games of 2009 that  MUST be played.  Modern Warfare 2 (xbox360/PS3), Batman Arkham Asylum (xbox360/PS3),  Uncharted 2 (PS3) , Assasins Creed 2 (xbox360/PS3), Left for Dead 2(xbox360), Wii Sports Resort (Wii)  Mario Kart Wii (Wii), Little Big Planet ( PS3)
5.  Comics - Here are some great oldies but goodies every comic fan or newbie should read. Ulimates 1 and 2, Batman: Year One, 300,  Iron Man Demon in a Bottle,  Amazing Spider-Man 500 Covers HC (Hardcover) and KICK ASS.

6.  Electric Rock Guitar shirt - Why play air guitar and look silly when you can play air guitar with actual guitar sounds on your shirt and still look silly?!?!   This shirt totally rocks, pun intended! It plays all major chords and comes with a mini belt clipping amp.  
Electric Rock Guitar Shirt
7. a320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator - This is for the true gamer at heart.  The RGE lets you load your old favorites from NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, or NEO GEO roms and play them in the palm of your hand!!!  it also has a built in FM radio, plays certain audio and video files, read E-books and a bunch more. Even if you have a PSP or DS this little device is a must have for gamers. You have to find your own emulate games, but that's a easy with a little friend called Google. 
a320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator
8.  Brunton Solaris Solar Charger -   For the odd chance the Geekusmaximus decides to step away from his/her computer or big screen TV and venture out into that large space called "outside" this is a great gift, especially for campers.  it will hook up to your ipod, cell phone, psp etc. and charge that little bugger from the big yellow circle in the sky.  Nothing sucks more then when your electronic gadget dies a low battery death when away from an outlet.Brunton Solaris Solar Charger
9.  Nerf Dart Tag - Ok i want this really bad.  What better way to settle and argument with your friends, coworkers, or significant others then by shooting them right between the eyes with....... Nerf Darts!!!  It comes with a pump action dart gun , 2 scoring vest and 2 protective eye shades.  its like paint ball with out all the welts.  But we know everyone on this site likes a good welt or two ;)
Nerf Dart Tag - Fury Fire
if you want to up the anti here is a laser tag version that gives the shot victim a small electrical shock 

Shocking Laser Guns
10.  Erector Spykee - The Spy Robot - Ok its got a very childish design and would mostly recommend it for kids except for one of the features that could make it pretty cool.  Spykee can be controlled  through wifi.  which means some programmers out there wrote a program for the iphone or ipod touch so they can control the robot anywhere they can get internet.  Pretty fun if your away from home and want to drive around your apartment to make sure everything is in check or freak the hell out of the cats. To bad it's arms don't move, so you can't  grab anything with it.  Maybe next time Erector