POST Wondercon

There's something about the air of San Francisco that just warms the heart. Add the salty SF air to the excitement of 3 days of Wondercon and you get a very Happy Satine Phoenix.

We drove up to San Francisco on Thursday afternoon. I heard that I was going to be able to sell my book ( Burning Quill ) at the National Cartoonists Society Booth thanks to Mike of Sketch Maven. Luckily I got a package of 50 books that day! I thought I wasn't going to get them till today. Boy I LOVE! They are cheap and have good quality prints that always get to me before they're supposed to. 

We get to SF and the place we are staying at is across from the Baseball Stadium so there is no parking. Well, there is but if you want to park all night you're looking at a $40.00 bill. YUCK. So we pay $10.00 for the hour to move our stuff into the apt and get ready for our evening then drive to another lot that we're going to leave the car at over the entire weekend. You see, If you strategically place the car you use it as a home base. A MUST have for any Convention. A place with a change of shoes, power bars, snacks, protein water, water, umbrella... We hate buying con food. This way we can recharge a block away and not have to cary things around with us constantly. Comic books/art get heavy and half a day wearing high heels is only good if you come prepared with sneaker back ups.

Thursday night we met up with friends at Thirsty Bear then went to see what was going on at 111 Mina (the first place I did a live painting at). Of course it was packed full of art and artists. Booze wafting through the air louring me to the bar. What was going on?

Last Gasp's 40th Anniversary party at 111 Minna.

I'm a big fan of art through the ages. This was a mighty fine collection. We had to leave once the gallery got sparse. Had to charge our batteries for the big weekend of cons before us. Of course once we got to our friends apartment we had the friend bonding session that consists of large amounts of fancy alcohol and midnight steak & salmon barbecue. Boy I love spending time with Jenian and Ian's folks!

Friday... Awake... Barely. We get there before the place opens so we can be first in line for Kick-Ass Tickets and get the limited edition Iron Man 2 Poster. Thank goodness for our Professional Passes. Unfortunately the people at the Kick-Ass booth said they were giving out the tickets for the screener Saturday morning to the first people in line. But at least we got the Iron Man 2 Limited Edition poster.. its so sexy! 

We shopped around and then hung out in the big panel room watching Fringe and Human Target before Kevin Smiths talk. AND BOY O BOY He was RAD!!! I love poop jokes. (EWWWwww) and he told the best longest one ever. Yea... so good.

We had great aspirations about going out about the town... instead we passed out so we could wake up early and get those Kick ass tickets...

AND YOU KNOW WHAT... WE GOTTEM! Thanks to our handy professional passes we got in early and 6th in line. BOOYAH.

I sold a nice load of books that day! Met up with a whole bunch of Facebook and Twitter friends. Its funny because I don't go out at all. I barely see my best girlfriends so most of my friends exist on the internet. I really actually get excited about meeting social networking page friends. So, here's a list of pictures from the con with other people. 

Joe clicked a candid shot of me talking in front of my book. :D I shared the booth with Jeff Durham

OMG ITS David Mack!!! I'm a huge fan of his work & creativity and drive. Was great to meet him outside of the stalkery twitter world. I'm now reading Metamorphosis because he said so. His sketch books are awesome too... and the prints are stunning... Happy Satine!.. Oh and he's really nice too!

Vincent Stephens is a RAD artist who does some sexy drawings of thick juicy fetish girls. He makes a big butt look heavenly! I stalked him on Model Mayhem a long time ago and eventually he posted a picture of me and it was super awesome because he put paints and brushes in the piece. I'm so happy we're friends now. I love picking his brain on techniques!

And here is something I thought was REALLY awesome. Its GAMING FURNITURE! Some double as dining tables! And comic book shelves/drawers. Nice high end stuff. I think they do custom stuff too. Its pretty slick.


Sooo many people. So little time especially since we had to leave early to wait in line for the Kick-Ass Screening. We got there over 2 hrs early and there were already 2 hundred people in front of us. We were near the end of the line of people that got let in. WOW.. crazy. We made friends with these guys behind us who ended up sitting right next to us right in the front row of the theater. I was so excited I almost peed my pants/Almost had a heart attack/ Almost threw up. Then this guy from live 105 comes out to introduce the cast but they were running late so he had to fill up some time. He talked to one of the girls who worked there then decided to interview one more person. He walked right up to me and all I could think is "UH OH". "So, where are you from?" I replied: "I'm from SF but I live in LA." "oh... why'd you move there?"... I couldn't resist so I answered: "To make Porn". The whole audience started cracking up laughing. I just sank down in my chair happy to get the attention. "And on that note lets bring in the cast..." So the whole cast (minus Nick Cage) comes out and say nice things about the movie. We're all hooting and hollering and jumping up and down. I almost threw up again. Then as we're settling down Christopher Mintz says "We gotta get back to LA to shoot some porn" and the audience starts laughing and everyone around starts pointing at me and then the cast realizes what's going on. The Lead actor ( Aaron Johnson ) realizes and says "I think she does porn". Then Chris Mintz says "Don't worry, We'll be working together real soon." I was so embarrassed and excited I couldn't help but just ride that wave. SOOO hillarious. It made the movie a billion times better even though it was FRACKING AMAZING! OMG... I seriously read Kick-Ass to Joe as a bed time story (HERE)... we're huge fans. I haven't been this excited for a movie for YEARS!!! Since college. And I left feeling so satisfied. Joe wrote a great article about KICK-ASS HERE. FUCK. It was just... FUCKING AWESOME. It was cool because they were filming a commercial for the movie in the hall after the movie but I already had too much attention and fun and just left.

SOOOooOOOoOOOoooo Satisfied. (read review here)

And of course we didn't get any pictures because they took everyone's phone away before going into the theater. Well, our phones were dead anyway but it turns out to be better. I would have thrown a fit to have had to give my phone up.

*Joe's home... BREAK from writing..

Where was I... Joe left me spinning.... OH YEAH...

Again we were so tired we didn't go to dinner with any of our friends. We didn't go party like we planned. I guess we're getting old or something. I just don't have the Balls to the WALL energy I had before. Old porno Satine was "SLEEP WHEN YOU"RE DEAD", Comic book Satine is now: "IF YOU DON"T LET ME SLEEP YOU"LL BE DEAD SOON!"

The third day we went up and down artist alley where I spent most of the money I made selling the sketch book. Here are a few names that I couldn't help supporting. Totally Breath Taking: - David Mack - Vincent Stephens - Emonic - Johnathan Wayshak - Christopher Bennett - Camilla D'errico - Josh Finney - Dean Yeagle


The comic books we picked up are:

Battle Chasers

Eternals (marvel by Neil Gaiman)

Old Man Logan (Wolverine)


Satine Phoenix