Guess and WIN!!

The first 5 people to guess which fetish model this illustration is of will get a free Kick-Ass Mini Poster. 

Image teaser was drawn by me for Rao Entertainment

On another note...

I just watched Legend. Twice.

Well, the theatrical release is totally different from the directors cut. The American theatrical release's score was by Tangerine Dream. I loved it. The music fit perfectly. The movie was short but the feeling it left you was magical. A movie doesn't have to be 2 hours long to be epic. As long as it communicates the story. The theatrical version was moody and juicy.

... I tried watching the directors cut a few months ago and was so grossed out by the cartoony feel that I couldn't watch it. Today I watched it after the American version and I have to say that it was long and campy and took a step away from the magical mood the first version left one with. Great, they told a story from beginning to end. 

The only thing I did like as a huge fan (I have the original on vhs that I've been watching as long as its been out over and over about a few hundred times) is the extra scenes. Its fun to see the extra stuff, but to make a movie out of the extra stuff they might as well have called it something else. But then again Brazil is like that too. Unfortunately I don't know which Brazil movie came out first, but the editing really leaves it feeling like a separate movie.

Back to Legend. Tangerine dream was part of the magic of the theatrical version. Nothing is as epic as this ending song. you really feel that innocent loving fantasy world when you hear this song. Makes one want to sprout wings and fly away... with the unicorns. :P

Here is the first ending into the credits (both songs are pretty awesome)

Here is the directors cut ending into the credits



note how the end of the movie leads into the credits. Makes a big deal. Sends the movie from Epic Fantasy film to TV movie land. The directness of the characters takes away the magical mystery of what comes next after they've gone through such arduous adventures. They communicate so much without saying anything in the first release.


~ Satine Phoenix