Comic Review: Conan the Cimmerian #20


Conan the Cimmerian #20 is the second part of the Kozaki three part storyline. It is told as a flash back focusing on Conan, his band of bandits and their rival gang The Red Brotherhood. Essentially Conan has been ransacking the Brotherhoods stomping grounds and they are not happy.  Serguis, captain of the brotherhood, decides to go to Amurath, the ruling lord of those parts, the same parts he has been pillaging from, to tell him he knows where Conan's group makes camp. A Battle Finally ensues between Amurath and Conan, leaving Conan the last man standing to confront an eerie apparition.

 Being a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Conan movie and Frank Frezzetta's Conan art I actually never read any stories of Conan before this. I know I jumped into the series right in the middle of the storyline, but i still couldn't help wanting to see more of Conan breaking faces. The conspiracy style storyline was pretty interesting, but it took reading about half the issue for me to start getting into it. I know the Conan universe has a lot of history that I am missing and this issue did get me interesting in learning more, I just think that every comic, no matter where in the storyline it is, should strive to grab a new audience, and that's where this book falls short. 

Tomas Giorello and Jose Villarrubia definitely add a gritty look to the Conan world. The hand pencil and color with no ink makes it feel more like a painting. Without putting them down I was kind of hoping the pages would have the same feeling of Cary Nord's cover art. I love its hard black shadows and soft blending colors. 

If you are a Conan fan  I'm sure this book would appeal to you,  although I had some negative critique it did stir my interests of the written Conan world.