The Conclusion Of Project Superpowers


I don't know much about this series, but Alex Ross is one of my all time favorite artists, period. 

This is it! The events of the last two Project Superpowers series come to a thunderous conclusion! Heroes will be revealed, villains will stand united and nothing will ever be the same again! This issue is such a momentous closing to the second chapter that it takes two Alex Ross painted covers to contain it all! Plus, the painted origin of Dynamic Man by Ross, Krueger and Klauba!

Project Superpowers is a comic book first published by Dynamite Entertainment beginning January 2008. It is co-plotted by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross, with scripts by Jim Krueger, covers by Alex Ross, and interior art for #0 by Doug Klauba and Stephen Sadowski, and Carlos Paul for the remainder of the series. Alex Ross is also art director, which includes sketched pages, color guides, and redesigns of most of the characters.  The series resurrects a number of Golden Age superheroes such as 
The Black Terror, The Death-Defying ‘Devil, and Pyro Man! More of the world's greatest heroes thrill fans new and old month after month in Project Superpowers! But no more! Now everything changes!  Make sure to pick up the last issue of Project Superpowers Chapter 2 this June!

The critics LOVE Project Superpowers!

"There is no excuse to miss out on the 
Alex Ross project of the year! Tell a friend! Actually, tell a LOT of friends and ask your retailer to stock lots of copies!" - Comixology

"The book enlightens the reader and explains the heroes' resonance in a clever way that entwines with the plotting. The book's rousing moments smoothly fit into a broad plot that checks in with a number of the Superpowers, each one unique and powerful." - Ray Tate, Comics Bulletin

Alex Ross and Dynamite have created a world that pushes new ideas.  This latest entry just proves that the Big Two better be watching their backs; a universe with stories of this quality will quickly raise the bar on what readers expect out of superheroes. - Stacy Baugher, Major Spoilers


Art by EDGAR SALAZAR (main story) & DOUG KLAUBA (
origin story)
32 pages $2.99

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