Comic Review: Green Hornet #3


I didn't know much of anything about Green Hornet growing up. I knew of the character, but never saw the original show or read anything on him. I think i first heard of him while watching Dragon: a Bruce Lee Story which was a movie in the 90's. Also, while I am a big fan of Kevin Smith himself, (Smodcast rules and he is hilarious on stage) I am not a big fan of his storytelling. So, I obviously decided to skip Green Hornet #1 and #2 when I saw it on the shelves at Hi De Ho Comics. Apparently that was a mistake, sorta. 

So just a quick recap, Green Hornet is an old screenplay Kevin Smith wrote that never became a movie, so the pacing of the comic is a little different. He did a good job on the conversion to the comic median, but some parts seem a little choppy. At times it does feel like you are reading a screenplay, as the narration get a little bit to descriptive. Fortunately for me, since i missed the first two issues, I didn't mind it. 

I don't want to spoil the story to much, but this issue is the starting point to Britt Reid's son picking up the torch as the new Green Hornet. I read other reviews complaing a little about how the story is to predictable in that sense but it always is when your have an older hero with a younger son or partner. We all knew Robin would eventually take the cowl, Bucky would hold the shield, and Samual Jackson would wear the patch....wait , what?!?! Anyway, the predictably is fine because it's more about the journey then the end result and so far Smith is on the right path. 


There is a fantastic and quirky scene towards the end of the book where Britt Reid Jr. goes to a seedy gang bar to try to find clues to the whereabouts of his fathers killer. He is met by a old man who is part of the Tao and basically stands by to watch him in action as he takes on a big brawny gang member. The old man can easily help, as he disarms the big brute by taking apart his gun with one hand in a matter of 3 panels, but he wants to see if Britt can handle himself. It's a little obvios this man is the original Kato since its odd he is the one old Asian guy in the entire dive bar, but we dont officially find out till the last page of the book.  This whole scene made me chuckle and reminded me of the old school Sensei and student Kung-Fu movies. Fun stuff. 

****Spoiler end****

Joathan Lau's pencil work really shined in this issue. While I am not always a big fan of panels with no backgrounds, it works very well in this issue to help not make the action scenes feel to cluttered do to most of them being group fights. There is a lot of movement to Lau's work and nothing really ever feels static to me. I am also impressed with Ivan Nunes color work. All the scenes pop and have depth to them, even the "de-saturated" ones.

In the end, while having some faults,this issue still managed to turn me around about Kevin Smith somewhat and got me interested in learning more about Green Hornet. If you have a light week this Wednesday or are interested in something new, Green Hornet #3 is a perfect jumping on point to this mini series. Pick it up and let us know what you think in the comments.