Preview: Green Hornet #3

 This is the one you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS! The stunning final pages of this issue will have fans talking for the rest of the year… and beyond!

 Join writer Kevin Smith, artist Jonathan Lau and a host of talented cover artists (Ross, Cassaday, Segovia and Benitez!) as they unveil the next generation of The Green Hornet, Kato, and the mysterious Black Hornet! The Black Hornet is the Green Hornet's GREATEST foe!  Will the original Green Hornet rise up to fight again for justice? Where has Kato been all this time? Who is the mysterious and beautiful Mulan? Three will LIVE! One will DIE! For Good! Find out all of this and more in this very issue!

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Also Available:
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #3 Alex Ross green foil cover
John Cassaday Black, White & Green cover signed by John Cassaday

32 pages $3.99
Written by KEVIN SMITH          
 by JONATHAN LAU          
Covers by ALEX ROSS (50%), JOHN CASSADAY (50%), JOE BENITEZ (1-in-10 chase cover) & STEPHEN SEGOVIA (1-in-25 chase cover)
retailer incentive black, white & green cover by JOHN CASSADAY
retailer incentive black, white & green cover by ALEX ROSS
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #3 green foil cover by ALEX ROSS