Hitatchi Magic Wand

In my opinion there is only one thing better than a Hitachi Magic Wand: My boyfriend. Using the two in conjunction is heavenly. But now I've got all these sex toys in a little treasure chest. Have they made something better than the Magic Wand? The Sybian is fun, but I had to loan mine out for an extended amount of time because it ruined the nerve endings in my clit forcing me to use the Sybian if I wanted to orgasm. I never got to try the Oscilator because someone stole it from my birthday party (a friend got it for me as a present). But What else comes Close to the Magic Wand? There are whole stores dedicated to selling vibrators and dildos. Why don't they have a Hitachi Magic Wand store?

The Hitatchi isn't just for women, Men can even get off on it. 

Here's a little lesson for you all:

Rest the man on his back and wrap the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand with a towel or bed sheet to soften the vibrations. (how much depends on the man's sensitivity) 

Next, turn the Magic Wand on to the LOW setting and in a circular motion lightly and slowly tap on the under part of the man's penis. (just like in Figure 1a)

Figure 1a

Speed up the rotation and press gradually harder over the span of a couple minutes. He should start gyrating and will end up humping the magic wand. Be observant on his reactions because that will tell you how to keep going in order for him to orgasm. Some will want more pressure, some will want faster rotations with more pressure. Communicate well and he will have one of the most intense and curious orgasms of his life. 


Do you have any tips or tricks you want to share with the class? Let us know. We could always use more input.