But look on the bright side...

One of my girlfriends turned 40 this weekend and we partied our asses off at the roof top pool at the new W hotel in Hollywood. I was so drunk I lost track of time, missed out on another friends Bar-b-Q, then after we got home I invited K&K over to watch Avatar and keep drinking... I probably should have had water sometime during the day. How reckless. On top of that I ate a cookie that I should have known better not to eat while I was drinking. They always make my tummy hurt but between that and EVERYthing else I did myself in. Puked all night, all Sunday morning. Luckily Joe took care of me. But MAN O MAN.. It used to be ok to party that hard and recover a full day when I was 25. Not any more. I feel like an asshole. 

BUT... Look on the bright side. I got to spend all Sunday at home with my boyfriend reading comic books and watching Payback on Blue Ray.

The books I devoured are:

The Stranger - by Camus

Iron Man War Machine (the soft cover collection)

The Ultimate Avengers 1-6

Now I gotta make up lost time.

Moral of the story... Humans shouldn't drink like fish.

The End.

~ Satine Phoenix