Why I am the best girlfriend ever...

Well, That's what Joe thinks. :D For his birthday April 12th I took him out to Da Pasqualle's in Beverly Hills. A nice Italian dinner for a nice Italian boy from Jersey. And then he got this:

It has the power of 3 Suns.


I've a lot of work to do today. Illustrating a Vampire girl Calendar for Rao Entertainment and working on some Character Designs for Time of The Faeries by J. Corsentino. (Graphic Novel!!!) We had a nice little meeting yesterday where I showed him a couple of drawings of the main character and he chose my style over the typical comic book illustration style. Makes my heart beam! He's created such a vivid universe. I can't wait for this to all come together. I can't say anything else about it (that you can't already find out at http://timeofthefaeries.com) But the story is SOLID! Vivid and beautiful. I think we are going to make a great team!

Story... Is what drives entertainment. Whether it is in comic book form or novel or movie. It is all to communicate story. So why are there so many shitty comics and movies out there? Its like people forget why they are making whatever they are making. They forget its about communicating. The story is the foundation. If its not solid, it will show. 

Bah.. I gotta get to work. I forgot to hit save and this is the second time i'm writing this post. Its not as good as the first one but sometimes you only get one chance on a good rant. 


Satine Phoenix