The Marvel movieverse is expanding


Movie news site is reporting that Marvel Entertainment is about to let young would be film makers take a crack at their third tier characters. Names like Dr. Stranger, Luke cage, Dazzler, Ka-Zar, and Power Pack are being thrown around. Instead of big blockbuster Iron Man Budgets, Marvel is looking for directors that can make the flicks for around $20mil to $40mil.

This seems like a great plan of action for Marvel to take. They have a ton of great characters that aren't main stream enough to take big budget risks on. This will allow them to expand their movie universe while giving unknown film makers a chance to make it big at a lower risk. Marvel seems to be leading the way over their rivals DC in the feature film world.

I'm all for this. Any excuse to get a character that only a true comic fan knows and get him/her into the mainstream is good with me. What characters would you guys like to see on the silver screen? A live action Cloak and Dagger would be awesome!! Tell us what you guys think in the comment section.