Protection - More than just a band

Protection. A band before their time. Glam electro rocking all over the world from Japan to San Francisco to Los Angeles to Mexico... and on and on. I'm so proud of these guys. My best friends for many years. I miss them so much. Sunevil, my evil Twin and drummer. Mikey Magnetic, Keyboards. Rene, the oh so far out sweet sound: singer. 

Back in SF and my party days here in LA we were inseparable. I would dance on stage with them, model and wear the skimpiest outfits in their fashion shows. We had SOOO much fun. 

Here's a music Video of theirs that documents a few events that I got to participate in. I hope you likey.

Don't Touch Me

Dj Meikee Magnetic | MySpace Music Videos

~ Satine Phoenix