Avengers Assembled by.....


Deadline.com is reporting that Marvel is in it's final negotiation stages with Firefly and Buffy creator Joss Whedon to direct "The Avengers".  Whedon is no stranger to the comicbook universe, writing for some great series like the Eisner Award nominated Astonishing X-men and fan-favorite Runaways

Whedon Almost stepped into the superhero movie directing world back in 2007 when he was signed to write and direct the live action Wonder Woman flick. That project fell by the way side after Whedon and Warner Bros. could not come to an agreement with the movies direction.

With the help of fans, Whedon was able to turn his canceled cult hit TV show "Firefly" into a pretty successful feature film called "Serenity" which he wrote and directed. 

If this deal goes through I'm sure we will all be in for a great story driven roller coaster ride of a film. Avengers Assemble!!! May 2012. 

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