A weekend in April

First and foremost it was Joe's birthday yesterday April 12th! We've been celebrating since Friday. 

Speaking of Friday... I was a guest on a podcast called "KICKED IN THE DICE BAGS". Its pretty much geek banter that even though started out as, "Ok Satine, we want to try to keep the talk about porn to a minimum and really focus on your art and what your doing now", turned into my telling TONS of Porn Horror stories and relationship talk. About 3/4 of the way through the podcast we start talking about gaming and stuff. I really loved talking with these guys. I'll probably be on their show once a month. 

The silliest thing is now that I have Skype (its what we used to do the podcast) and a headset/microphone ... I want to do MORE!!! That was so fun! I can work and chat an watch movies and TV and ... WORK from the same spot in my house. I don't have to move except to go to the kitchen and eat or go to the restroom for rest. You can find us on Skype as sexfoodandcomicbooks.

After the Podcast Joe came home wanting to celebrate his birthday by having a weekend long celebration. This started with The Princess and the frog. Yeeaahh... SO WHAT.. we like Disney movies. We did get gifted Dr. Who Season 5 Episode 1 which was AWESOME so that should negate the dorkiness of The Princess and the frog.

Saturday: Things went on... we left the house for some reason. The day was kind of a blur. We played WOW for a while when we realized that we made plans with some friends to see Clash of the Titans. We wore the Clash of the Titans shirts we got at the Lionsgate KICK-ASS event. I posted how silly we were in our matching shirts and our friend Katie asked if we had another girls shirt so she wasn't left out. Just by chance the guy gave me an extra one so we strutted our stuff at the Grove pre gaming (drinking) at the Cheese Cake Factory. I have to say that It was a very good movie and I was thoroughly entertained. It wasn't as epic as the first one, but the special effects were spot on! I'd definitely own it to watch on our 52 inch. 

... A lot of buttered popcorn died during the watching of that movie. They will all surely be missed.

Sunday: 10am Agility class for our dog Ash at Zoom Room. We're hoping to one day turn him into a dog child actor and make millions off him. The awesome thing about it is that he'll never grow up and get pissed off about this and sue us for the money we took. 

Turns out that Ash's girlfriend from the dog park is in this class. TOTALLY DESTROYING any chance of him concentrating. Not even juicy sausage treats can get in the way of their love. So we did the only thing good parents would do - ask Mimi's owner if he wanted to hang out at the dog park with us and Ash. It's a good thing he has good taste in dogs and owners. Mimi's owners are both really cool to hang out with. After we left them I took Joe to Urth Cafe on Melrose for a delicious Poach Di Parma which is: brioche, mozzarella, baby arugula and prosciutto topped with two soft poached organic eggs garnished with tomato, basil oil and parsley served with sliced seasonal Melon for a low 11.95! Fancy Shmancy but even better than that they have outdoor seating so Ash can come with. It's important as Doggie Parents to find good eating establishments that are dog friendly. Urth is one of them.


Up at 7am like a good girl. Walked the dog, made the Man Breakfast after feeding the animals. Breakfast consisted of Waffles and Bacon. (some of Joe's favorite things)(lol... wafflesandbacon.com?) then dropped him off and preceded to run around town like a crazy girl organizing his surprise dinner. First I took him to Hollywood and Highland's Hot Topic where we waited in line in the cold for almost 2 hours to meet some of the cast of Kick Ass. And then we met them! They were all pretty awesome and nice. We mentioned that we were at wondercon and they remembered the silly goings on and remembered us. Joe showed Christopher Mintz the photo our friend (and hairdresser) Kristal Rose sent us via twitter. The guys (Chris and Aaron Johnson) were pretty cool and the girl, Chloe Moretz, was really sweet. Her face is so pretty that I could just draw her all day long (not in a pervy way)... Which makes it hard to look at her in real life. I get all nervousy when I want to stare at someone's face. I hope I didn't come off the wrong way. I wish I had said more than two words to her. ... But we got swept away and off we went to dinner. I found this fantastic restaurant called Da Pasquale. Its a family owned and run Italian restaurant recommended to us by the Owner's Nephew who works at his father's Italian Restaurant in Culver city called Brunello Trattoria. I was being extra fussy and bossy trying to keep our dinner arrival on time and he still didn't figure out I was up to something. When we arrived it took him a whole 30 seconds to figure out that it wasn't coincidence our friends were eating at the same restaurant. 

We had a lovely dinner with some of our closest friends. A perfect ending to Joe's birthday. Good Italian Food, Good Friends and passing out from being full of Pasta. Life doesn't get much better than that. 


OH BOY TODAY. I changed THIS VERY WEBSITE! It wasn't how I envisioned it. Too sparse, not enough color. This is closer to what I had in mind but not exactly perfect yet. We are getting close. I've some affiliate banners to put up and we are selling Ad Space. I've spent all day fixing and learning things. Looks like I'll be spending all night drawing some vampires for RAO Entertainment. I've around 20 more drawing to give them. They're putting them on shirts, hats, pants.. all sorts of stuff. 

We've acquired a few more writers for our team. I'll be posting About bios as soon as I get all of them. Vegan Boy wrote his first posting HERE in the food section of the site. I'm really excited to get someone else's perspective on eating well. I've already learned something from his post. I can't wait to learn more!!

Joe has written a couple more reviews and movie news articles on the COMICS'N'THINGS section of this site. 

Keep a look out in the updates section for all the new postings. So much going on so fast. I should probably breath between projects. :D

That's all for now. 

Over and Out

Satine Phoenix