Fun Day at Ford Draw-a-thon

My friend @SamProof let me in on this fun project he was doing a couple days ago. It was a Draw-a-thon for The Ford Fiesta. click for more info. So much fun.

Twitter Tag: @JenFriel @SamProof @SatinePhoenix

Everyone at the event was awesome and I quickly became friends with Jen. She runs a pretty cool website called Check it out.. She's totally rad, perky and Nerdy. I can't wait to pick her brain next. You can see some of the live footage on her USTREAM: Its separated into bits and pieces some are downtime and some are interviews. Joe said the juicy stuff starts around 11or12 about an hour in and we just talk and talk for hours!

Sam Proof's You tube: He's a great funny quirky artist in all senses. Lives and breaths art.  

I'll update with my finished entry soon.