Pre Wondercon

My new Favorite Wednesday past time is reading all of the wonderful hate comments that we get on for "I Hit It With My Axe". This weeks hate comments were pretty pathetic actually. Luckily they were blinded by the "go team go" style comments from people who support our cause. The Camera is jittery and the editing is pretty fast but this is all fixed by Episode 5 so just wait it out... The series levels out and you will be able to understand what's going on much better then. In the meantime its docu style role playing.


So, I've been getting ready for Wondercon. Joe and I have been coordinating classes, panels, signings, floor plan layout etc. Yea. Its like that. I've tried on and modeled for him each outfit for each day. But I'm SUPER pissed because My convention foot wear is out of order. Yea, I wear combat boots everywhere. Not really combat boots. Security foot wear actually. Bates Foot wear. I bought these really great Gortex boots in 07. Water Proof, gortex lined all the way to the top. And this year when it rained, for some reason the leather on the outside molded. I couldn't believe it. Now all I have to wear are high heels. I refuse to spend under $150 on a new pair of combat boots. I'm hoping they'll send me a replacement pair but that won't be ready for a month or more. ... Convention shoes/ any shoes that will last me over 8 hrs on my feet are hard to find. WTF am I supposed to do without proper foot wear. At comic con I wore high heels and I was so sore from walking that I missed the Masquerade ball.

On the bright side, walking the San Francisco land in high heels like a stripper work out. Great for the legs. 

I got a batch of books to bring with me. I'm going to be signing at the National Cartoonists Society booth thanks to Mike of Not exactly sure what time but I will know by later tomorrow. Its my first NON Porn signing and its with a product that I'm VERY proud of. I guess this is what that feels like. Having a product I don't mind giving to my niece or brother or cousin. I'll keep you all informed

AAAAaaaand I got my hair cut. My stylist and I have decided to keep it a mohawk but grow out the back meaning ... yeap. A long Mullet. LIzaMinelli in the front and flowing in the back. Here's Kristal Rose and I right after. Don't judge me without makeup. I don't like wearing it when I'm just going around town.