I just don't know anymore

So, Sasha posted this on twitter yesterday:

SCARFACE as a school play.

I mean.. Its hilarious.. and they're pretty good for being little kids. (especially the little blonde girl) But after watching it 30 times in a row I really started to think about those kids' futures. I mean. When you do something pretty big when you're little you carry that memory / gloating moment with you for the rest of your life. "I was the kid..." Is me laughing my ass off for a half hour worth a hand full of kids' futures? Do they really know what they're talking about (re: cocaine/junkies etc). I want to know more: What school put this on? What did their parents say about this? I mean yea it's fucking awesome to hear a little kid say "fly pelican fly" and "Say hello to my little friend". 

OH MAN I'm so conflicted about this clip. What does everyone else think? I'm really interested in hearing other people's views on this subject.


"And instantly I got a reply sending us to this website: HOAX

Here's a snipit from their interview:

Yesterday, we posted this now-viral video (it has been seen by more than 400,000 people on YouTubeYouTube — the creators say one million) much to the outrage of many a reader who felt that the subject matter was upsetting and inappropriate — or just downright fake. Well, we heard you — loud and clear — and decided to answer your most burning questions about “Scarfacescarface School Play”:

1). Who made it?
2). Why?
3). Is it real?"

Here is their video reply to everyone's questions.