"I Hit It With My Axe"... Finally!

So the Web Series started and It turned out pretty well!!

The show is in a Docu style format showing how we all play in our normal gamin environment. The cast: Kimberly Kane, Mandy Morbid, Connie, Frankie, Zak & Myself. We start the series showing Sasha Grey how to play Dungeons and Dragons and how to make a character. The next episode will be of us actually playing. Its all 100% real. There's no acting, no set up or fake dialogue that you see in all those other shows like THE GAMER or Dorkness Rising. (I was really pissed off about Dorkness Rising because they scripted a D&D argument right in the beginning and you could have shot two gamer nerds argue about D&D and it would have sounded real... because that's one of the funnest things about being a gamer nerd: the lengthy opinions/interpretations of written rules. :D)

I digress, We are really excited about the show and had no idea we would have caused such a ruckus online. http://theescapistmagazine.com wasn't even ready for it! Their servers crashed within the first hour of it being up. They didn't advertise the show (which I thought kind of odd) and it still started a buzz.

The best part is how much people HATE this idea! I had no idea that people would get so upset thinking that we're faking it or cashing in on the NERD Demographic. WTF... I'm a Comic Book Artist who did Porn for a while... My whole adult life I hid the fact I was a nerd so I could be a part of the Cool Kids. That was completely superficial and un satisfying and now we're being shunned because people don't think we're actually nerds? WTF? That's really dumb. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Hopefully they'll see how passionate we get about the game in the next episode. It airs every Wednesday.

Which leads into my next thought about how things that are retro are suddenly becoming cool. Well, not necessarily. Retro, to my generation is cool because its nostalgic. I'm 30 this year and grew up in the 80s. I actually still have my atari, have all my old vhs rip offs of legend and labrynth and blade runner and about a hundred more. (the best is the over watched Terminator 1 that is so scratched up in certain parts its un watchable.) We actually grew up with Transformers and Ninja Turtles and Gummi Bears. Simon was an actual game you would buy your kids. A Rubix cube wasn't just a novel retro toy. We bought them because they were puzzle games. Back then we had to blow into the opening of the atari and nintendo game to make sure there was no dust so the game would play. As an adult we have the ability to revisit the things that made us smile as a child. I even remember Revenge of the Nerds part 3 or 4 in smellovision. JI Joe's were bad ass back then. Is this to say its dumb when a cute girl walks down the street in an Atari shirt and has never even seen an atari before? No... Its just how things live on now. Times are a'changin. We don't actually have to really grow up all the way. Things are being remembered and passed down in purer and purer forms and brought back to life better than they were when they first came out. 

No we aren't cashing in on the NERD demographic. We are Nerds. We've always been Nerds. And just because we like to be filthier than the girl next door doesn't mean we're not still nerds. We like games, science just tickles us and boobs totally distract us. 

OK: end rant

So, Mandy and I play World of Warcraft and we're always looking for more people to play with there. You can find me as DigitalPhenx. We're on Nathrezim and, sorry to say, we're alliance. We have horde characters on Eradarr server... but barely play on it.

Aaaand My google searches found the following links to people talking about our show. (i'm doing this shout out as a thank you to those who are supporting us and spreading the word!)














Tomorrow... Healthy gamer substitutes... I Promise.