Food is supposed to be a big part of this site, but it and I have been ... fighting lately.

Now that we're on the up and up I'm dedicating this BBFS to FOOD.

First a Gluten free Waffle recipe. Joe actually forwarded this to me. It's hard dating someone who is used to eating Italian food, hearty steaks and starchy pasta. I can feel the difference and it weighs me down. I can't say it feels good eating the way he has been eating however tasty it all is. So, we are finding a happy medium. He likes Donuts and Waffles and I just bought gluten free baking mix. I'm sick of feeling like shit when I eat sweets. So, weather he likes it or not I'm turning this household around. It's healthy food from here on out. The first thing was getting him to stop eating Italian Deli meats. Every time I make it for him all I envision are clogged arteries and high cholesterol and frankly... It's not sexy. Its not that I miss eating out at nice restaurants, its that I miss eating good quality food.


1/3 cup Garbanzo Bean Flour (or Gluten-Free all purpose baking flour – Bob’s Red Mill brand)

1/3 cup Brown Rice Flour

2 Tbsp Coconut Flour

4 Tbsp finely ground almonds (or almond flour)

1 tsp aluminum-free baking powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cup almond milk

1 egg

Separate the egg, and lightly beat the yolk.

Add remaining ingredients to the yolk and mix well.  Let sit for a minute.  You want a thick batter consistency, so add a little more milk if too thick, or more coconut flour if too thin. 

Beat the egg white until peaks form – fold into the batter.

Makes 2 Waffles (they need to cook longer than normal waffles – around 4-5 minutes)

The same recipe can be used for pancakes

If I were making this recipe I would add either a sugar substitute or agave nectar to sweeten. If you want to use Syrup, use Pure 100% Maple Syrup. IF you're going to use sugar and you're not going to budge on the decision then at least use real sugar and not processed sugar. But know that the sugar is what turns into fat. AND... if you are going to eat sugar make sure you eat/drink protein at the same time. It helps your body process the sugar and less of it will be turned into fat.



The Durian: the "KING OF FRUIT" is a GIANT Fruit from South East Asian Countries. A powerful energizing super food filled to the brim with vitamins and minerals. Once you get past the smell of Cat Piss/Sulfur you begin to appreciate it's creamy pudding like center and it will quickly become a favorite food. Most people have never heard of it. You can find it at Asian Markets usually in the frozen section. Size: between 1 & two footballs.



Better food Shopping. 

The past few months I've tried to be ok with shopping at regular grocery stores. You walk down the isle and even hit the "healthy" or "Natural" sections trusting that whatever is there is good for you. Guess again. Most people just check their foods for Calorie count or fat content. What they don't factor in is types of ingredients, sugar, sodium, protein... Each item you buy should be under 5g of fat, your total intake shouldn't exceed 20g/day. Sugar turns into fat so if you buy a low fat item make sure you watch out that the sugar is not a high amount. Fruits are high in sugar, but it's it's own sugar, not refined sugar. Sodium is one to really look out for. Soups and soy sauce have between 500 & 2000 mg. You don't actually need to add salt to your food, but if you do want to use it, use sea salt. You don't have to put hardly any in and it will make the flavor flourish. I use balsamic vinegar and lemon to bring out the flavor in foods. There are other things you can use but those are my personal favorites. Watch out for how many ingredients are in the item you're buying. You should be able to recognize what they are and do not get items that have High Fructose Corn Syrup. It's liquid fat. I've been told by a chef friend that the chemical compound is the same as sugar... that's nice. If I drink Soda... I get fat. Plain and simple. So, I'm sticking to my decision to not take it in.



ZIP ZANG ZOOM - my favorite items that take me up up and AWAY

Weight loss diet pills, 5 hr Energy shots, Carbonated energy drinks, Fresh Raw Ginger Juice, Green tea & Guarana Supplements, finely ground cocaine, Sumatra blend Coffee. Which of these do you think is better for you? Following everything I've said in this blog it should be easy to see that pure ingredients are best for you. If you mix green tea and Guarana supplements (1:1) you will find that it lifts you up without giving you the shakes and the down is pretty gentle too. Most uppers will shoot you up and then drop you down so fast you hardly knew what hit you and you get cranky. Uppers effect your central nervous system so as much fun as they are be aware than certain ones are more beneficial to you and feel better. Ginger also has a zippy feeling to it when you take a shot of it and will detoxify the system.

raw guarana

If you're just addicted to drinking your stimulants look for ones that are high in vitamins. Some are high in B vitamins which help get over hangovers. I like to take the supplement directly. If you have a hangover stay away from coffee because it will dehydrate you more. Drink water with a little bit of lemon as the lemon will help you absorb the water. Someone recommended water with sugar and salt in it but I haven't tested that theory out especially since I'm very sensitive to salt and try to stay away from it. I am also a big fan of Emergen-C.

I'm addicted to the action and effect of drinking my uppers so I drink a lot of coffee. Because coffee is so acidic, balance it with orange juice. OJ has an alkalining effect to the body and helps rebalance. Also drink lots of water. ... But you already knew that.



Whey Vs. Vegan Proteins

Last year I hired Mr. America (Jason Kozma) to train me and yes, he worked me out and I lost weight fast! I ate a lot of meat and whey protein and veggies... and I felt like shit (because my body doesn't enjoy meat). BUT I looked great so that's ok, right? He had me eating 6 times a day and when I stopped working out with him (due to my not working and affording him) I suddenly had to eat 6 times a day still because that is what my body was accustomed to. I gained all the weight back and I started a really terrible eating habit and thought process. If I could afford to continue going to the gym it wouldn't have been bad. He was a great trainer! But real life got in the way and I couldn't keep that way of living up.

6 years ago when I decided to start working out I worked out 3 days a week and became a 95% raw foodist/vegan for a year and a half. I did drink my whey protein shakes but other than that I was a raw foodist. From there I became a pescatarian (for 3 years) and switched to soy protein, but I was getting a lot of my protein from the fish that I ate. I felt GREAT! My skin looked amazing. I felt light as a feather but was strong as an ox. After a while I switched to hemp/rice/pea blend of vegan Protein and although it was more gritty, I still felt clean as a whistle. I felt HEALTHY. 

What the hell am I saying? Balance. It is better to live and eat healthy and clean than obsess about how often or how much you are taking in of what. Make the decision and stick with it. If you don't want clogged arteries or high cholesterol don't eat meat with lots of fat or extra salt. It's pretty simple. Don't stress yourself out if you took a day off to eat bad the stress will alter your body's chemistry (cortisol) and will throw everything off balance. 

Whey/vegan - both are good for you. It's all about preference. If you want to be a body builder and are vegan try:  &

There are no supposed to's or must's in life. Where there is a will there is a way.

if THESE guys can do it, so can you.

Also drink lots of water.