After all these years FINALLY an explanation!

Most of my friends know, though many of you didn't till now... about my video game console collection. 

My first video game console was Atari 2600. I loved games like 4 player pong, pitfall and centipede but my favorite game on it was Phoenix where you are this shooting guy at the bottom of the screen and you shoot these giant birds who have deadly poop that drop from above. You must dodge the acid poop and kill all of the birds as they fly from one side of the screen to another... and then there is the big Mother Ship which I only remember beating a few times in my young life. I guess it's funny that years later I picked up the last name of Phoenix. 

But there was this WEIRD game that I would try to play that I never understood and it was kind of scary actually. The sounds were intense and the game made absolutely no sense whatsoever. It was SwordQuest Fire. I think I started playing when I was around 8 or 9, I still have my original console and the games that go with it. The last time I had it hooked up was right before i moved to LA a few years ago. But I've been trying to figure the game out ALL THIS TIME. Over 15 years. It wasn't that big of a deal obviously because I could have googled it but I didn't know there was all this paraphernalia and instructions and secret clues. My dad just handed us a game and  hoped we were entertained. 

This video answers all of my questions. Thanks Joseph Long for sending me this on Facebook. And A special thanks to ANGRY NERD for being so nerdy about this. I'll definitely be checking out more of your stuff! I can't begin to explain how much this brings closure to a piece of my life. :D




The next game I'd like him to do a review on is Mountain King. Maybe I was too young or maybe I needed to read the instructions but I'd really like a rundown on how to beat that damn game. please.