Crazy weekend

Yea.. So crazy... Got a new dog who is sick. Spent all weekend taking care of him and watching the cats turn into big jealous babies.... I mean, it's like we went from having two cats to having a dog and 2 babies. My cat is super jealous of the dog. And the whole house is fussy. But this is good practice i guess.

When we weren't being crazy with that we were playing WOW. Yea... both of us were addicted a few years ago but stopped playing so we could actually do things with our lives. Now that we've found each other we just want to play wow together. So if anyone wants to join us email me and i'll give you our realm info. I also play with some friends on The Scryers realm as an elf warlock. 

We ALSO got Uncharted 2 and i'll review it very very soon. I can't believe how amazing this game is. Its breathtaking. The gameplay feels like you're controlling a movie. And.. well.. like i said. I'll talk about it in the reviews section probably tomorrow since today is booked up.

... Haven't slept much but I woke up bright and early to walk the dog.. dropped the dog, Ash, of at the day care... Dropped off Joe at work and now heading to Play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends Zak S, Mandy Morbid, Kimberly Kane, Connie & Frankie and our special guest Justine Joli. This ought to be awesome. I'll link them when i get back. 

falling asleep... must stay awake...