And now...

I remember playing D&D in High School (after school) and we would joke about how awesome it would be to get paid to play! We would chuckle it off and continue with our game. Well, I'm keeping the Dream alive and doing it with some of my sexiest friends!!

My friend Zak S is the DM. I wrote about this before but here's his site ( in case you wanted to get some back story on the characters we're playing. It's staring Mandy Morbid ( Kimberly Kane ( ), Connie and Frankie. We also play with Sasha Grey ( and Justine Jolie (

Who on earth would support our Zak's crazy idea? The Escapist! That's who!

So.. here's the plug in case any one wants to post this around:

“I Hit It With My Axe,” is a new video series from the creator of D&D with Porn Stars, appearing weekly on The Escapist ( starting next month.

Seriously... Tell all of your friends. We really want this to be big. Who knows, maybe if it gets really big we'll travel to D&D &/or Geek Conventions and do signings. I've got big ideas for this. .. BECAUSE THIS IS SOFUCKINGABSOLUTELYAMAZINGLYAWESOME


Here's some images from our last game (not filmed).

Joe got to play as well, and saved the day by defeating the bad guy. Doesn't hurt that he has a Medusa Head. 

I made a Gnome character for this game and HOLY SMOKES I really like her. I often play sexy elf thief types of characters. This one is a really fun Gnome Alchemist. Since no one wants to play Gnomes they have TONS of bonuses making them really fun to play. Connie played a Dwarf and the two of us went off to find the source of the Monsters. Wait, I should explain. Zak came up with a huge War for all of us to participate in. This was an amazing feat. Mandy's character was the General and Frankie also got to have a few soldiers on her side. I vaguely remember if Kim Had a team, she had to leave but kept getting killed or paralyzed or something anyway. Joe's job was to climb the mountain and distract the head bad guy. Connie and I were told to enter the temple and find/destroy the source of the monsters. ... Of course... it took us 4 rounds to figure out how to get around this black goo. Normally the two of us climb walls together which is what we should have done in the first place and what we ended up doing. We really wanted to over think this one though. ... and we kept dying/passing out. Useless, maybe. Fun, totally!! Joe and Mandy and Frankie saved the day in the end. 

The game was really Dynamic and satisfied all of our individual quirks & likings. How Zak Wrangles all of us and my ADD, I'll never know but I really appreciate it and enjoy every moment of it.

Speaking of Enjoying things, Saturday Joe and I went to Lucent L'amour ( I am a huge Dub Step Fan. I used to go to this club downtown LA quite a few years ago where BassNectar (then DJ Lauren) would play. Most of the people that would go to the club were artists, performers, Burners, Buskers... Modern Hippies (that's what I call them/us anyway. Modern because they're less smelly and cooler than the old versions) This particular event is really cool because it was 3 of my fav performances all in one night and a few extras that I'm now fans of. I went for: The Yard Dogs Road Show ( : a vaudevillian variety show. Lucent Dossier ( : sexy Steam Punk Circus. And BassNectar ( - the one who created my inner WOMP WOMPer. Apparently were there too but I was so busy dancing I didn't hear them call my name.

On top of them being bad ass, they had these beautiful art installations and most of the guys who lived in my old loft complex were showing their art there in the gallery. My old room mate, David Wilson came all the way out to show his work from PA. There were some HUGE Fire installations and amazing Fire Performers. There's one chick who's Beat boxing impressed me so much: Lynx and Janover ( surprise.. they're from SF. SOOOO good. Kind of remind me of Esthero ( 

Well, I've left you with a ton of links to attend to. Enjoy :D