So... i've been playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group of Porn Stars and Suicide Girls. Surprisingly enough, they make it really fun! I've been playing D&D since I was 15 and only a couple times in 15 years have there been 1 other girl. Girls play much differently than guys. The DM has color coated everything the girls need to roll for. HP is red, reflex saving throw is blue etc. My favorite part is when the girls justify their actions because of what their character has written on the character sheet rather than on the rolls. It cracks me up! 

"I can do this because I'm really good at it, see here, it says I can do this."

After which the DM tries to explain that they have to still roll and then the girls get frustrated. Its SOOO CUTE!!! They constantly try to get stuff pass the DM (Zak S.) and he doesn't let it dent him at all. He sees through the charade. He also does really fun voices for the NPCs. You can read about our goings on on his BLOG:

I play a wood elf rogue named Mirror. I like playing a good guy. Lately I've been all about being the good guy. Mirror convinced the rest of the party to NOT kill a store keeper because he was annoying. The girls really REALLY wanted to kill him. 

One thing that I noticed is the girls don't have a sense of action time. There was this one instance where I wanted to be sneaky and wait out over night to break into a place and the other character wanted to just break in and risk it all. We ended up just breaking in and stealing what we needed to, but the girls didn't realize that you can do more than just run in and kill shit. 


Mandy Morbid looking at our Reaper figures

Reaper miniature versions of us

Evil Goblin, Mandy & I

Kimberly and FrankieFrankie, Justine, Mandy & Zak

Mandy Zak & Connie

Frankie and Justine. Justine REALLY likes playing.

Even though all of us girls are opinionated Mandy Morbid is the leader. Kimberly Kane is the muscle. Connie is another rogue, but she's really animal friendly. Frankie is a very very sneaky rogue. She has her own agenda but likes to make her grand entrances when we need her most.. when everyone is mostly dead ... except her of course then she comes in to rescue us. I feel more like a conscience and like to help out where needed. Mirror likes shiny things and will horde all the gold for herself.

So far we've had two other girls play: Sasha Grey and Justine Jolie. Its really fun teaching girls how to play because games, especially table top games, aren't fun for everyone.

Because I've been so addicted to playing games lately I thought it would be a good time to bring it into the BBFS blog. So that's the theme for today.




Honestly, I haven't played World of Warcraft since I was in college. I got it gifted to me about a month or so ago and i'm 100% addicted to it playing it.  The reason is that it satisfies the fantasy role playing game addict in me. I can play by myself or I can play with my boyfriend or with strangers. I get very attached to my character. It has changed so much since the days of Ultima Online and EverQuest. The worlds are so.. BIG. In the most recent Expansion (The Burning Crusade) they've included Blood Elf and the Draenei races. Quite a smart move to have blue Avatar looking characters to play. And the Blood Elfs are really REALLY sexy. I just can't figure out why they don't have more fantasy games that are multi player. Joe and I would have loved Dragon Age even more if we could have played at the same time. I've noticed that my other friends who are couples feel this way too. 

What I don't get is that it's perfectly fine to play WOW but really nerdy to play D&D. WTF? how does that work? It's the same thing, different platform. Actually WOW is more involved. You can get professions and make things. One of my characters is a Warlock who does tailoring and enchanting. Another is a Shaman who Mining and Engineering. You take the items you make and sell them in the auction house. So can someone please explain to me why WOW is ok and D&D is dorky? I'm seriously surprised at how many people actually play WOW. One thing that doesn't surprise me, but surprises tons of other people are the amount of girls who play. It's 2010. Didn't we break past the "Oh my goodness: girls doing boy things" 10 years ago. I mean really. 

If you want to catch me on WOW here are my characters names and realms.

Digitalphenx, a Draenei Shaman on NATHREZIM (PVP)

Ryuseppun, a Bloodelf Warlockon EREDAR (PVP)

Satinephoenx, a Dark Elf Druid on REXXAR

Satnephoenix, a Human Warlock on THE SCRYERS (RP)

I made characters based on what realms my friends played in so leveling is a slow process.




UN-FRACKING-BELIEVABLE! It feels like you're playing a movie. The Smoothness of the game play, the kinetics... the way the environment is effected by EVERYTHING he does, and he is effected by the environment. AMAZING. Uncharted is the new Indiana Jones. WHEN they turn Uncharted into a movie I hope they get Nathan Fillion (firefly's Captain "Mal") to play the lead character. It would be perfect.



- PS3 vs. XBOX 360

I've just decided to show you the specs and you make up your own mind :)


XBOX 360 

We have both but I enjoy listening to LASTfm on xbox and watching my Netflix on PS3. The Netflix player gets crappy on XBOX streaming. When it switches quality... I get annoyed.



- The WII fit isn't strong enough.

Apparently you can only use the Wii fit if you are under 330 lbs. What about all of the people who are over 330 and want to get under? I never thought of it but since America is quite over weight AND loves playing video games why don't they made a board that is America Appropriate? I'm not trying to be offensive, but this is a serious concern. Check out THIS FORUM.