Oliver Harud in Skin Two Magazine

Hello SexFoodandComicbooker's

My name is Oliver Harud, I am an illustrator and graphic artist based in London, England. Satine has asked me onto her blog to show you guy's some of my work, and in particular an illustrated fashion shoot that I have recently done for the magazine Skin Two. As well as books, comics and commercial illustration I have for several years been creating illustrated fashion stories forwww.chictoday.com. My work is a fusion of fantasy and reality, these worlds are populated with self-conscious and self-confident characters. Setting the fabulous within an urban landscape creating a tension between glamour and grunge. The population of these images seem coiled for action while images themselves remain static and measured. 

The piece that I did for Skin Two is titled Urban Medusa. In it the Medusa is stalked through the London night wearing clothing from some of the hottest designers on the fetish scene. All the clothing is taken from top designers such as Atsuko Kudo and Jane Doe Latex as well as more mainstream people like Christian Louboutin. Skin Two is re-launching this autumn and you can see the whole of my fashion story in it in the October edition, you can also see more of my work on my website www.oliverharud.com or at the amazing Deviant Art, where my page is called, unsurprisingly OliverHarud on deviantART

Cheers for looking,

Oliver Harud.


Credits for image 1...
Puff sleeve ruffle bolero by Lady Lucie, www.ladylucie.com
Illusion skirt by HMS Latex, www.hmslatex.com
Fingerless opera gloves by Atsuko Kudo, www.atsukokudo.com
Diamante Nipple Covers by J Maskrey for Coco de Mer, www.coco-de-mer.com
Credits for image 2...
Long sleeve bow dress by Jane Doe Latex, www.janedoelatex.com
Petite hat by Atsuko Kudo, www.atsukokudo.com
Tahiti shoes by Christian Louboutinwww.christianlouboutin.com
Credits for image 3...
Candy Cup Ball Gown by Atsuko Kudo, www.atsukokudo.com
Credit for image 4...
Hobble fishtail pencil skirt, pleated bolero jacket and heart overbust corset by Artifice Clothing, www.artificeclothing.com
Credits for image 5...
Wrist Gloves by Atsuko Kudo, www.atsukokudo.com
Credits for image 6...
Line choker, Simone basque and stockings by Atsuko Kudo, www.atsukokudo.com