First I just want people to ... RELAX. Tron is just a movie. Not a bible. A movie. It is here to entertain and dazzle us. And it did just that. A solid story about a boy who misses his father. The Soundtrack beautifully balances the effects and characters. 

The story reminded me of the book "MYST". I don't know which came first, the book or the computer game, but the book is a beautiful story about what would happen if you could write in a book and a whole world was created based on what you wrote. If you put too much detail what would happen? If you didn't put enough detail in what would happen? What would the people created be like? How would you react to becoming a god? Myst is a quick read and perfect for these rainy LA nights. 

The other thing Tron reminded me of is Light Years. One of my (many) favorite animations growing up. I still have it on VHS and have worn it out at parts. Light Years is an Isaac Asimov story about the human condition. How we strive for perfection and how our creations can grow beyond our control. A delightful thought provoking french animation that is story driven and will last through the years. Mutants, time travel, Giant experiments gone wrong. Its lovely.

Here it is for your viewing Pleasure.