Once upon a time ... Sax Carr, Jay Garret of Dragons Den, THE Meltdown Comics (in Hollywood) and I threw a Charity event... and it was AWESOME!

November 7th, a cool Sunday afternoon at Meltdown Comics: the very first Charity Dungeons and Dragons Event. 4 tables, 4 DMs: 1 Adventure. The Adventure and characters came from the ever creative mind of Keith Baker (@Hellcowkeith on twitter). Each player got to pick from a list of 12 characters from a Half Elf Warlock Socialite to a drunk Dwarf priest to your fight loving WARFORGE.

We munched on Delicious Sandwiches from Jersey Mikes (Santa Monica/Labrea - Hollywood), Had eye popping Donut Burgers and Hot Dog Tacos from @Marshotdogs and Washed it down with ShipYard Beer. :) (Don't worry, I bought apples, celery, carrots, chips and water to balance all of the fore-mentioned greezy foods.) was really great and sent us some fun items for the gift bags! They are one of 4 websites that will be showing a piece of the footage. Thank you Skelanimals for the little Skelepup. A big thank you also goes out to all of you who donated your time to record and volunteer for this event! And thanks to the players for playing! And of course... Wizards of the Coast who sent us a ton of 4th Edition stuff to play with. Most of the players had not played 4e before. This was a learning experience for all.

You can see for yourself how much fun we had in the photo show below, and all in the name of charity :) The Charity we are raising money for is The Charity just acquired The Greater Los Angeles Literacy Network who are developing a range of adult literacy programs.

Founded in 1931 to address workplace discrimination and to help refugees and others affected by the Great Depression, JVS is L.A.’s first and most experienced non-profit dedicated exclusively to employment services. Over the decades, the organization has provided hope and opportunity to hundreds of thousands of people from all faiths and backgrounds through job training, education and career guidance. JVS’ clients include the long term unemployed, people with disabilities, refugees and at risk, foster and probation youth. 

How YOU can help raise MONEY for this CHARITY:

The game was the first part of the Charity Event. The second part, the money raising part, is the PREMIER of the footage before it goes live online at the MELTDOWN COMICS GALLERY in early February. We will be auctioning off: paintings from various artists of the different characters played with the likeness of those who played them, Signed books, Signed Cards and other fun things. ALL proceeds from this event will go to Come and be the first to see the footage from all of the event day. It will be almost like actually being there :D

Calling all ARTISTS! - In order to make the gallery event a smashing hit we need Artists from any field (Sketch, illustration, painting, sculpture... mixed media etc...) to volunteer their time and talent by creating a piece of any size/shape to be auctioned off for the charity. The only thing we ask is that the scenarios be similar to those played with the likeness of the people playing the characters. Email if you are interested. I will give you further information in my reply.

and now... on to the Photo Show!

Brian McCarty, Satine Phoenix, Keith Baker (DM), Jason Charles Miller, John Zurr PlattenDan Milano, Travis Oates (DM), Jay Garret, Super Blue Hair Girl, Zak Smith, The invisible Matt Yang King.Taliesin Jaffe, Chad Michael Ward, Connie, Patt Kilbane, Matthew Mercer (DM)David Nett, Mrs. Mayne, Taylor Mayne, Todd Bridgewatt, George Rockwell (DM)

Here's a view from the different tables

George's Table:


Travis's Table:


Matt's Table:

Keith's Table:

Tomorrow I will post the behind the scenes Photos :) 


*Photos by Darren Eskandari and Sam Proof