Playing With Your Food

I was tooling around on twitter, as I often do, and once again brought up the desire for Halloween themed sex toys.  What I really really want to see is a candy corn butt-plug.  Which got me thinking, there really are alot of food inspired sex toys.

There are flavored lubes, condoms, and body lotions, hell they even have vibrators shaped like corn cobs.  People in general really like bringing their food to bed.  How many "veggie" videos are floating around the interwebs?!  

Just think of all those cliche "sensual" tales of dribbling honey or chocolate sauce on your partner and licking it off.  Both of those are a really bad idea, by the way.  The sugar in honey or chocolate, hell even whipped cream can cause yeast infections or urinary tract infections if introduced to your naughty parts and left to linger.  I never really understood the appeal of flavored lubes, ect.  I always found the "natural" flavor to be one of the best parts of giving oral, be it male or female.  I understand that not everyone feels that way, and thus the market is booming, but it's not for me.

Do I play with my food?  Well, not as such, I mean you'll never catch me with an eggplant in my "pantry", and I hate flavored anything(in regards to "sensual aids"), but can I see the appeal?  Yeah, sure I'll try anything 3 times.  

Just wash your produce, practice good hygiene and if you find a butt plug that looks like candy corn, call me.

And one final note:  Alcohol or vinegar in/on/around the genitals is a megawatt OWWWWIE!  Be careful with your body-shots and tabasco chasers are not gonna be fun… unless your into that, in which case, your braver than me.


Have fun & be safe,

Taco O Doom