Saturday Night on the Sunset Strip

So, My girlfriend Elle Newlands was performing at the Comedy Store last night (was the funniest comedian out of like.. 12 comedians)

and afterwards we go to this place... Saddle Ranch? It was really crazy. They had a Bull that people were riding. No one was younger than 27 in that entire place, but every one acted like they were 21. They serve Giant portions of EVERYTHING! Even Cotton Candy. I felt like I was in that Debaucherous island park that Pinocchio ends up in where all of the boys turn into donkeys and get taken away. Yea ... like that. 

So we go to Wait in the back for our table and low and behold, Jesus walks in. Or rather.... Jesus walks into a bar...

He's playing a solo game, people are coming up to talk to him and I decide I feel bad for Jesus so I ask him if I can join in. He said yes. So there I was, neck to neck with Jesus. I was Solids, he was stripes. We each had one ball left and he does this standing there with his arms open thing and totally sinks his ball and the 8 ball in. Jesus beat me at pool.

Not so soon after, we get our table and I accidentally ordered the dinner platter of ribs... of which I ended up eating the whole thing. My tummy still hurts. But I was so busy laughing at our friend ROB who totally rode the bull.


Its posted on Joe's Facebook. I'll upload it when I get it off of his iphone. That shit was hilarious.

Moral of the Story: Go big or go home. If you're gunna leave the house, make it an adventure!