OK everyone. I've been running around all day getting ready for our trip to Vegas this weekend. We will be twittering and facebooking all of our escapades so you can follow our TWEETS at:



or http://facebook.com/satinephoenix

I'll be at the trade show on Saturday and throwing the worlds most amazing party both FRI & SAT. Joe will try to hit CES and cover the goings on there. So much to see. I'll be distracted by boobies. He handles them much better than I do.

Today I did an interview for Khloe Kardashian on her facebook page. See it HERE! She is really sweet, totally supportive of my new life path and not shy about her love of latex!

Here's a picture of my new hair... except shaved on the sides... without the blue skin.. or cat ears.. and i have brown eyes... and I'm not 10 feet tall :D

See you all twitterside.