I'm going to try to update every Wednesday with a BIGGER BETTER FASTER STRONGER blog. It will have 4 Random items that I think relate.

I'd like your feed back as to weather you love or hate it. And if you comment that you don't like it and send me your marketing website I'll punch you in the face.

That said, here you are - 

BIGGER: A BIG Dildo that can get even bigger! Inflatable! Yea, you can use your kung-fu Grip to make this sex toy more intimidating. My personal opinion is to get a small one that inflates a lot. Its more entertaining that way.


BETTER: STEVIA. We all love that sweet stuff called Sugar. Try using Stevia instead... or do like they do down under and use marshmallow root. No one likes Diabetes. Live long and prosper so you can play your video games and read every volume of your favorite comic that looks like it will never EVER END.

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FASTER: now you can shoot porn faster with the new WIFI SD card. Yea.. that's right.. WIFI. Send the photos to your computer right as you take them! its about fraking time!


STRONGER: BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE - the Kyoto Iced Blend to be exact. Its the strongest coffee I've ever had in my whole life. Stronger than Turkish, Ethiopian. Dark, pitch black yet not syrupy. I can only drink half a cup ... I've had as much as 3/4 of a cup once and I ran around San Francisco on a massive shopping frenzy. You can purchase their different mixtures from their site. Its coffee at its best.