LA Talk Radio: Tonight at 7pm

Well, things have been a'bustle here in Satine Land. Getting ready for the Ultimate After Party. I signed last year at the AVN convention for Sweetheart Video. This year I'm pretty much skipping the convention, skipping the stupid award show and heading directly for the PARTY. People think that the cool thing to do in Vegas is stand around at all the newest clubs trying to get in because blah blah blah is there. F' That. I don't go to a club unless I know I'm getting in. So, this year I know I'mna get in because I'm sponsoring it~!

Today I'm Playing D&D with some of my super sexy friends. I've decided that every day I play D&D i'll post something D&D related. Today i'm posting BENDERS GAME!

So, Futurama is my favorite cartoon. I've got every episode, except for the newest ones that came out in the last year. Benders game is special because the entire movie is about Dungeons and Dragons. Get the DVD. Watch the o so fantastic Movie, then watch the special features where the makers of Futurama talk about how D&D effected their lives. 

... then getting my hair done by the Amazing Kristal Rose. Hair Extraordinare. She can do ANYTHING with hair. Quite the artist. Been doing my do's for a couple years now.

THEN.. Heading to La Talk Radio to be a guest on the show "UNVANILLA". With Hosts Baadmaster and Harley Fire. I used to be the co-host of Baadmaster's dungeon, a streaming audio/video show where we talked about all thinks kinky. This sounds similar, yet evolved :D.

And off we go!~