Webb to Web Spidey Reboot - by Joe

"I'm too drunk to update my blog ... besides, this is a good article!!!"- Satine


So it's official. Marc Webb, director of Golden Globes nominated (500) Days of Summer, will be the next to swing through the valley of skyscrapers with 'ol Web-Head. Webb will be sitting in the directors chair of the new rebooted Spider-Man franchise after Raimi and cast depart after finding "differences" with the studio. The new Spider-Man movie will take Parker back to his roots of fighting crime and dodging spit balls in high school. The movie is rumored to be a little more grittier then its former companions, possible going the Batman Begins/Dark Knight route or following the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.  We will all know in the coming months as the Spidey reboot will most likely starting filming later this year for a 2012 release. 

 As a huge fan of the Amazing Spider-Man comics, I am actually pretty happy about this reboot. While Sam Raimi's movies were pretty good, number 2 being the best,  I still felt like they were missing the essence of the real Peter Parker and Spider-Man. He wasn't that much of a loser in the old comics, a lot of the girls had crushes on him he was just to occupied with his new powers to pay any attention to them, so they thought he was a selfish jerk. Also he had a running mouth while in costume, trying to un-nerve himself while fighting powerful enemies and distracting them with corney jokes, which made them think he was cocky and arrogant. None of that stuff was in Raimi's version. I mean that's what Spider-Man is known for. The costume and powers are like a drug to him. On one side it was a burden, constantly reminding him he could have saved his murdered uncle and that he will never have a normal life ever again.  But on the flip side, the costume was an escape for him, a sense of freedom, a place he can be with his own thoughts. Again, none of that came through in Raimi's movies.  So yeah, im pretty excited about the revamp Sony is doing. 2012 isn't close enough. hopefully it will be released before the world explodes. :)