I thought this would be a good post to reflect on this last weekend's excursion to Las Vegas to go to the AEE and CES trade shows. Friday and Saturday I also hosted the Ultimate After Party which became my Retirement Party and January Seraph's mini B day Celebration where I got her to sit in her cake immediately after which our friend from Montreal dove in and licked it up. Yum!




real dolls

the side of the new flat screen tv. just a piece of glass wide.


3d camera



me, Ron Jeremy & Joe


I was really sad to see how small AEE was this year. Usually it's two whole floors. This one was one floor and it had both the trade section and the fan section... and it still didn't fill the space like it usually does. Only a hand full of friends were actually signing. It wasn't worth the $100.00 to get in on Sat unfortunately. Here are some pictures from The Adult trade show of Joe and I and my friends.

Nica Noelle and I at the Sweetheart Booth

Michelle Lay, Nica Noelle and I.

Zoe Britton and Joe at the Sweetheart booth

myself, Jade Indica (one of the hottest & sluttiest girls I know) and our new buddy Linda.

Myself, Courtney Cumms & Linda

After AEE there was the after party... the only photos I have are of us getting ready for it with some girlfriends. Joe had never been to anything like this. It was CRAZY and he survived with some stories to tell! I'm an old hat at this... he walked into another world. : 

Myself, My AMAZING hairdresser Kristal Rose and Bella

I'll upload photos as I get them and I know there were some great ones from the party! 

CES was definitely worth going to. We only had two hours to spend at CES so we went to the TV section. HUGE!!! We tested Every new 3D TV. Since my eyes are sensitive to light I didn't like the Active Glasses. JVC had a really cool 2d - 3d converter but it was pricey! Hands down Samsung was the best. In all areas.